Your iPhone Not Downloading Apps? Fix App Stuck on Waiting, Updating or Loading on iPhone or iPad

Guide on how to fix iPhone not downloading Apps, they stuck on Waiting, Updating or Loading on your iOS device

If apps not downloading on iPhone or iPad, this error can be easily resolved by following our step by step guide. Here are some of the solutions to try to resolve this issue:

1. Connect to Another Wi-FI Network
2. Check if the date & time are correct
3. Logout and Login again into your account
4. Force quit App Store app and open it again
5. Delete the stuck apps and try to install them again
6. Clear App Store Cache
7. Reset network settings
8. Factory reset your device

If the app you want to install stuck on Waiting then we recommend you to follow this guide to resolve the issue

If you Cannot Connect to App Store then we recommend you to read this article here

If the App store still not working or you can’t download apps from App Store, then try to clear App Store cache

Another possible solution is to change Apple ID on your device. You can watch our video guide here

To Factory reset your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you will need to backup your data first. Read our guide here on how to do it easily

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