Kali Linux Hacking Tutorial Installation and Basic Linux Command Line Interface

See how to use Kali Linux for hacking in this 2015 tutorial including Kali Linux installation and basic Linux Command Line Interface (CLI). Get the complete course free at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/.

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To begin, see how to get Kali Linux setup in a virtual environment which works with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can use this to learn Kali linux as a beginner and get started learning about how to do the basics of ethical hacking with kali linux. Use the time points to navigate the video below.

1:15 Welcome and getting started with installing Kali linux for beginners. You must have virtualbox installed already. If you do not have virtual box installed already, watch this video instead at https://youtu.be/7nF2BAfWUEg

17:58 Kali Linux installed and getting started using it.

30:18 See how to configure your interface and use the commands in Linux. Increase the font size so you can read what you are doing! Get used to moving around in Linux.

39:48 The Linux terminal Command Line Interface (CLI) and how to navigate within Linux.

If you want a Kali Linux hacking tutorial, you will find this very helpful getting started with your installation of Kali Linux. If you want to be able to do a wifi hack, using this installation process after doing a virtualbox install will give you the chance to take the next steps done step by step. You get a review of Kali Linux here for getting started and can be on your way to finding exploits in any system you are working with. See the features of Kali Linux, view a demo here of ethical hacking made easy after you download and dual boot your computer in this complete course! Learn how to get help if your setup of Kali Linux has failed!

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