Google Gmail Phishing Scam Hacking Gmail Password 2017

Here is the short video i have explain what is Google Gmail Phishing Scam and how you can protect yourself if you are Google do check the video.

This information is very important for the Gmail Google Users
This Gmail Phishing Attack Is Fooling Even Tech Savvy Users

Disclaimer : I do not support Hacking or Stealing anyone’s Personal information this video is to explain how Phishing work and How you can protect yourself from Phishing Scams of Google

What is the new technique the hacker is using ?

The hacker will first send you an email, which includes an attachment, When you click on the attachment to preview it, a new tab opens to what looks like a Gmail login page. However it isn’t genuine. If you enter your email and password, hackers will have stolen your credentials and have full access to all of your emails.

Here is the news for you those who do not open unknown person emails

The hackers have devised the email to look like it comes from one of your contacts, someone who is likely to have already been hacked by them.

So how do I stay safe?

1. Dont login using link send by anyone
2. Make sure you have HTTPS before Domain
3. Enable 2 Way Verification

Will this work on Mobiles Phone and Tablets ?

Download Script Here