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today i will show you how to hack windows
using flash usb and my tool u can download it from the links in the description
it’s the best in it right now
just copy it in usb drive and u can add autorun.inf fille
it hack:
1)all the passwords saved in cookies and in the windows (facebook,WIFI,instagram…)
2)take a screenshot
3)take documents and images and videos and all the desktop files
4)get all the victim information
5)and make a tree for all the data of computer

and save all this hacked information in the usb whithout he know.
all the data will be encrypted and hidden.
and when he will give you your usb back you will get all this filles
lets see how it whork.
and wen he give u back your usb open it
and go to view option of the windows and select:

show hidden files.folders and drives
hide empty drives
hide extensions for known file types
hide folder protected operating system files
to see everything

and then you will see this filles in your usb drive:

=) it’s the screenshot rename it to screenshot.png then open it ^^

=) it’s the fille of the passwords rename it to passwords.txt then open it XX

=)it’s the fille of the tree and the user information rename it to tree.txt then open it XX

and you will find a folder named “save”
open it and you will fiend all the hacked filles
that’s all now you are a hacker
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the password of the rar file is 123
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that’s all enjoy its easy right HHH

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