How To HACK WiFi Password 2017 ✔️ Top 10 BEST WiFi Hacking Apps For Android | 3 Secret Apps No ROOT

How to hack wifi password using android 2017 Top 10 best wifi hacking apps for android root and no root or without root With these 10 android apps for wifi network we count more 3 secret apps not available on play store Now get free wifi password security this trick should work on wps and wpa wifi routers HiHACKER

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Welcome to hi hacker, and today we count 10 best wifi hacking apps for android! i know you have tried other stupid wifi hacking apps, but remember one thing! if you download hacking app, and go outside and try to hack your annoying neighbors wifi, i bet 100 dollars, 99 percent of the time, it’s not going to work! because you are doing it all wrong friend! today, we not only count wifi password hacking apps, but many other wifi hacking apps that are just awesome! but before we start the count down, note, this video is for educational purpose only! and, do not hack someone else’s wifi! don’t do it! number 10! it’s Wi-Fi You! Wi-Fi You is a powerful app that collects millions of Wi-Fi passwords, shared by end users worldwide, and stores, and distributes them from a cloud server for you to enjoy free network, and traffic saving! It will be your Wi-Fi key, and will automatically find all available Wi-Fi networks nearby. With one single click, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi. isn’t this app great? now You Have Millions of wifi passwords available right in your hand! use this app while jogging with your friend! uh! i forgot you are too lazy for that! something you should know about this app. Detects nearest WiFi hotspots, and automatically connects to the WiFi hotspot to reduce your data cost! Recommends the best networks to you by analyzing! and the best, Protects your privacy, and security with intelligent connection technology! that is great, because you never know if the wifi owner is a dad level hacker or not! number 9! Wi-Fi Inspect! Wi-Fi Inspect is a multi-tool, intended for Computer Security professionals and other advanced users, that monitor wifi networks! this app can give you ultimate detail about a wifi network! it can give you information about other devices connected to that network. you can sniff, or in other words, you can watch, what other users are doing on that same network. it can collect P cap files, which you can view using wire shark, or using the built-in P cap Analyzer! actually, This app is a student dissertation, by Andreas Hadjittofis, as part of his MSc, in Computer Security, at the University of Birmingham, UK. number 8. it’s Network Spoofer! Network Spoofer lets you change websites, on other people’s computers, from an Android smartphone. After downloading, simply log onto a Wi-Fi network, choose a spoof to use, and press start. This application is a fun demonstration of how home networks are vulnerable to simple attacks! imagine those websites, you can send users to! you can flip images, can change images, load any video, can also blur images! and can change text displayed on the victims device too! isn’t that great! there’s also a rick roll feature, that lets you replace, all youtube videos with a rick roll! what is rick roll? this is rick rolled! link to the full song is in the description!

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