Bruteforce: Gmail Password Cracking Tutorial | THC Hydra (Windows)

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Put the folder in the Desktop

cd Desktop
cd Thc Hydra Master
Hydra.exe “brackets”S “brackets”l (victim’s email) “brackets”P (wordlist location) “brackets”e ns “brackets”V “bracktes”s 465 smtp

Many of you did not follow me but i said this wordlist is not included because this is the full application of the Method, Which means you need to find or make your own wordlist but some of you did not follow what i said and can’t find their own wordlist just go to this site right here:

Password List Download Best Word List – Most Common Passwords

Some of you are trying to hire me to hack a pacific account instantly. But when i mean Bruteforce, I need to crack password first. You can’t hire me as your hacker but this is the basics of all hacking method, Just follow what i do or watch the remastered version.

For a Remastered Version:

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When having trouble:

Q:It said File not recognized
A:It’s because you did not download the file

Q: Why it says unknown option – – – l
A: Its because you have an incorrect code that you have type, or you just did not use cmd and opened the hydra file incorrectly.

Q:I tried cd desktop and cd THC Master Hydra
A:Well it’s because you did not put it in the desktop but putting it in the desktop is just an optional type of path

Q:Is this method from TinkerHut******
A:Yes, but this method is from kali linux Btw and original method by tinkerhut*** but this is a method from Windows.

Q:I wanted to be a hacker, when do i start
A:Being a hacker is a large risk of decision (I will make a video about it) But Windows is not a recommended for hackers but an Optional Decision for computer hackers, But first you need kali linux for it to do the job.

Q:Can you help me hack a gmail account?
A:F*** no, the reason why its a no its because this is a Tutorial method to teach your fist type of hacking bruh.

Q:Why are you hacking Growids in Growtopia
A:I do not hack Growids, even though you need an email to crack some growids and change their passwords.

Q:Are you an Idiot
A:No, I think i am an idiot? but not actually

Q:I am an idiot because i did not read the first question?
A: No? I think so… No…