Creating Papercuts The Modern Way: A Guide

Creating Papercuts The Modern Way

Papercutting is an intricate and delicate art. These spectacular designs consume hours of meticulous efforts to produce. Even the most skilled of those papercutting geniuses take days and months to produce a perfect piece of art. Traditionally these papercuts are made using a bunch of high-grade knives and scalpels.

But what about common people like you and me? You must be thinking that you cannot create something like that without proper tools, right? So, today in this article we are going to learn the modern way of creating papercut designs.

With the advancement of technology, papercut design can be made within minutes and with minimum efforts. The only skill you require is to operate a papercutting device and some creativity, off course. Let us discuss the two most popular machines used for paper cutting and how to use them.

Cricut smart cutting machine is one of the best crafting technology avalaible in the market. The things that you will need to make your design are

  • Cricut smart cutting machine
  • Material. (paper, cardboard, leather, foil, chipboard, etc)
  • A design from design space or a custom SVG file.

First, you select a design form the built-in design space or download a custom design from external Cricut design space websites. After that, you select the type of material on which you want the design cut. This machine allows you to cut leather, foil, scrap denim, and other hundreds of options are at hand. After this, you just need to place the material of a flat surface and load it in the machine and press GO. Soon, you will have a stunning papercut design in-front of you.

Another popular device is the brother scan and cut machine. This is the only paper cutting machine which has an in-built scanner along with an LCD touchscreen to operate and a true auto blade. This precision blade automatically detects the type of material you are using and adjusts itself accordingly. Let us look at some of the features of this machine

  • 600 dpi built-in scanner.
  • Cuts up to 3mm thick.
  • Auto-Blade sensor technology.
  • SVG file compatibility

The brother scan and cut machines provide you with a Canvas Workspace where you get thousands of free projects to learn and practice your skill. The machine can be triggered using an application or using the touchscreen LCD. You can make endless designs on a plethora of materials with this device.

Recapping on what we have just learned, there are three steps to make a papercut design in a modern style without too much hassle.

  1. Get a smart papercutting machine like the Cricut or the brother scan and cut.
  2. Make your digital papercut design or download it from the available resources.
  3. Select and load the material in the machine.

Your perfectly ornated papercut design will be constructed by the precision blades of the machine and you can gift it to your loved ones or make a beautiful story scene out of it. Greeting cards and save-the-date cards are a great way to showcase your paper cutting skills to your family and friends.